It’s here!!! FINALLY!!! The teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film, The Force Awakens!

teaser trailer star wars the force awakens still 2

The teaser trailer is just jaw-droppingly amazing and we are so happy to get such an awesome reveal. Enjoy the video!

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Venom VS Anti-Venom Art by Isuardi Therianto

This piece depicting Marvel’s favorite symbiote, Venom, fighting it out with it’s villian, Venom’s complete and total opposite, Anti-Venom, was created by Artist Isuardi Therianto.



You can see more of Isuardi’s pieces by following the link below:

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The Keyboard Waffle Iron!!

Designer Chris Dimino must, after news of this ingenious product, be the Michelangelo of waffle irons. Chris has introduced the Keyboard Waffle Iron to Kickstarter, asking for $50,000 to get his project up and rolling. You can get one of these waffle irons sent to you for just one $60 donation. Sadly, they won’t begin shipping til April but for a product like this, we can wait



You can see the product and project on Kickstarter by following the link below:

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Steampunk Iron Man Art by Aleksandr Nikonovho

This piece, depicting a steampunk-version of Marvel’s Iron Man coming up on Thor’s hammer, Mjonir, was created by Artist Aleksandr Nikonov. Because Thor is missing from the piece we wondered if this Universe’s Iron Man could be battling Thor? It kind of adds a bit of mystery to the already awesomeness to the piece.



You can see more of Aleksandr’s work by following the link below:

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HBO’s Game of Thrones Teaser for Season 5

HBO has recently released a small teaser for the upcoming fifth season of Game of Thrones. The teaser shows glimpses of Arya Stark, her father’s sword, and a shot of some mysterious doors.

There’s also a website that has recently been launched called , which allows you to sign up for “visions of the future”.

You can visit the website by following the link below:!/

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Working 1980s Style Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

This fully-functional 1980s style Nintedo game controller coffee table was created by Logan Miller of MillerWoodshop, and is currently selling for $1300 on



Follow the link below to learn more about the Nintendo game controller coffee table:



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JUSTICE LEAGUE: DARK Script is Finished

Confirmed earlier today by writer Guillermo Del Torro, the script for the DC’s upcoming film, Justice League: Dark, has been completed.



The comic revolves around a darker type of superheroes in the DC Comics universe who deal with the more supernatural & paranormal, Hellboy like, type situations. The team consists of Deadman, Zatanna, and John Constantine.

The film is still in the early stages of production but with such an incredible creator of stories, Guillermo Del Torro, being involved in the movie, we are more than confident that this will be a must-see movie that people will find hard to forget about.

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