Ryan Reynolds Signed on for Deadpool Movie

It wasn’t that long ago that FOX Studios announced that they would be releasing the Deadpool movie in 2016, finally. According to Deadline, FOX is closing in on a deal with signing Actor Ryan Reynolds to play The Merc with a Mouth. Ryan would be taking his role back up as Wade Wilson from X-Men: Wolverine.



The movie will be directed by Tim Miller, and is being written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. We’re hoping that everything will be fixed from X-Men: Wolverine’s portrayal of Deadpool, and that the creators of the new movie will create a more accurate, awesome storyline for Ryan to play. In the last movie Ryan played Deadpool as, the beginning of the movie delivered an awesome portrayal of Wade Wilson. A witty, talkative, crazy, samurai sword wielding assassin ready to jump into battle. That’s the character we want!!! But at the end of the movie, the character had been changed to something completely different from what we or anyone else wanted, killing the entire film for us, not like everything else in the film didn’t do that already.



Let us know what you think of Ryan Reynolds and the Deadpool movie in the comments down below!!

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