Steve Wozniack in a Tech Reality Show

Steve Wozniack, Co-Found of Apple, is teaming up with former Mythbuster Kari Bryon for an upcoming reality tv series called The Woz. The reality tv show will go hands on with new and creative technology and gadgets. Not much is really known about the show just yet but that Wozniack may have already pitched the idea towards The Discovery Channel.

Steve Wozniack reality show Kari Bryon


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Christian Bale on The Dark Knight Rises Ending

What really happened to Batman, whether he lived or died, at the end of DC’s The Dark Knight Rises has been a very popular discussion among fans ever since the movie hit theaters. Actor Christian Bale, who played Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, in the movie, recently spoke on the subject in an interview with Entertainment Weekly discussing whether or not the ending scene, featuring Alfred seeing Bruce with Anne Hathaway’s character Selina, aka CatWoman, was real or just a dream.


Christian spoke on the subject saying:

“[Alfred] was content with me being alive, and left because that was the life he wanted for him. I find it very interesting, and I think that with most films I tend to say… it’s what the audience thinks it is. My personal opinion is, no, it was not a dream. That that was for real, and he was just delighted to finally have freed himself from the privilege… ultimately the burden of being Bruce Wayne.”

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Spectacular Joker Cosplay by HydraEvil

Down below are few pictures of cosplayer HydraEvil as DC’s craziest villain, The Joker. The overall look and feel of the cosplay goes fantastic with the cosplayer’s costume. The photos were taken by photographer Akami. You can see some more of both Akami and HydraEvil by following the links down at the bottom.

zaney joker cosplay


zany joker cosplay 2


zany joker cosplay 3




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Honest Trailer for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

YouTubers Screen Junkies has recently uploaded another Honest Trailer! This time its of our favorite inter-galactic team of superheroes, the Guardians of the Galaxy! Enjoy the video!

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3D Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lightsaber!!

If you have a 3D printer and are a fan of Star Wars then you’re in luck! The people at FabShop have posted instructions on how to make a 3D printer version of the new lightsaber featured in the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!! Down below is a video on Vimeo posted by FabShop featuring the 3D printable lightsaber. Enjoy!

FabShop commented on the 3D lightsaber saying:

“On Friday, November 20th, we were part of the 30 million people to keep their breath while watching the trailer for the next Star Wars movie.

As designers, we were surprised to discover a new configuration of the lightsaber revealed in the now epic (and polemic) scene showing an unknown Sith Lord walking in a snowy forest.

As Makers, we couldn’t help but try to find out by ourselves if this “crossguard” design was a good configuration or not… So we decided to build one, with our army of 3D printers.

Of course, the “darkness” of the movie sequence and the lack of details on the weapon itself left a lot of place for imagination and interpretation.

A dozen of 3D printable lightsabers being already available for download on internet, we decided to make one that would be completely customizable.

The modular system we invented makes hundreds of configurations possible. From Yoda’s lightsaber to Darth Maul’s.”


For FabShop’s instructions just follow the link below


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Tarantino Films Mashed with The Muppets

The video below, created by YouTuber CinemaSins Jeremy, mashes up some of Quentin Tarantino’s classic movies with America’s favorite puppets, The Muppets. The video features a caption attached that says:

“Let’s put Tarantino’s words (and music) in the mouths of Muppets and see what happens.”

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Variant Cover Art Pieces for Marvel’s Star Wars #1

Geektyrant has recently released an article featuring 30 pieces of Star Wars art that will be used for the variant covers of Marvel’s Star Wars comic #1. The comic is set to release next year on January 14th, 2015. The comics timeline will be set shortly after the destruction of the Death Star in Star Wars: Episode V1-A New Hope. There are currently three comics, Princess Leia, Star Wars, & Darth Vader, being worked on by Lucasfilms and Marvel to make sure that the comics work with the storyline of the original films. Down below are just a few of the variant art pieces that Geektyrant posted in their article. Enjoy!

Star Wars Comic Marvel Variant Art 1






To see more variant are pieces just follow the link below


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