New Details On Opening & Doomsday In Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice

Badass Digest has recently revealed some new information concerning DC’s Batman VS Superman movie. The website gives information on the opening of the movie as well as some information on Superman battling Doomsday in the film as well.

Badass talks about how the beginning of the film will start saying:

“Batman v Superman opens with Batman’s origin and fast forwards to Bruce Wayne coming to Metropolis during the Superman/Zod fight, but that’s just setting the stage for that character. From there the script turns its attention to Superman heavily, and it examines the implications of Superman in the real world.”



The site also mentions how the rest of the world, other than Metropolis City sees him saying:

“Very early in the film Lois is in the Middle East following a story when Superman shows up to help her out. This becomes something of an international incident as other nations view Superman as a tool of the United States. China, for instance, doesn’t want him in their air space. It’s an interesting look at how a being like Superman would be viewed on a global scale.” 

On Doomsday battling out with the man of steel the site goes on to say:

“As for being a protector of the people – when the Doomsday fight starts General Swanwick tells the military that Superman will move the battle away from populated areas because he’s a hero, and that’s what heroes do. Again, this is a direct response to complaints about the first film. It’s also interesting to see that Swanwick, who was tracking Superman with drones at the end of Man of Steel, is such a supporter in this film. It seems that most people – except Lex Luthor and a cautious Batman, who is prepping anti-Superman weapons – believe Superman is a hero. “


Let us know in the comments below what you think about these new details on Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice!


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