Spider-Woman’s New Look!!

Spider-Woman has gotten a new look for the Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game. The superhero will also be wearing the new costume in her upcoming solo comic series in March 2015. The costume’s designed by Marvel Artist Kris Anka.



In an interview with USA Today, Comic Writer Dennis Hopper said that he plans to take the character away from the mad, craziness that has filled her life recently (Spider-Verse series) and will be bringing her back to her street-level roots. Dennis wanted her new costume to reflect that for the character. The costume will make it’s first, official debut in Spider-Woman #5 by Hopless and Artist Javier Rodriguez.


The costume’s redesign was called for by Marvel Editor Nick Lowe, who explained:

“Spider-Man isn’t really a detective — he swings around looking for trouble, whereas Jess needs to go and figure stuff out and dig things up, and you can’t really do that head to toe in spandex very well. To operate on the level she wants to, she needs something that can pass for semi-normal and she can turn it on to crazy if she needs to.”

Let us know in the comments down below what you think about Spider-Woman’s new costume design !!


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