Graveyard #1 Comic Review

Image Comics presents another dark tale for comic book readers to enjoy called Graveyard Shift, written by Jay Faerber, Teen Titans, and drawn by Fran Bueno, Noble Causes. Graveyard Shift follows a homicide detective, Liam, and his artist girlfriend, Hope, who are attacked by a vicious gang of blood-sucking vampires. Shots are fired, blood’s been drawn, and bodies drop, no one walks away unscathed in this issue that’s for sure.

Graveyard Shift #1 comic cover

The comic’s art is fantastic, the character’s dialogue give interesting lines and aren’t synonymous, but this issues just doesn’t stand out amongst all of the other vampire filled comic books out there. We’re not saying this couldn’t be a good book, but we’ve seen similar storylines in other comics before. Vampire VS cop, vampire turns protagonists loved ones and forces protagonist to make difficult decisions, it has been done before.

The comic does give a nice crime-thriller mix to the story. The issue begins with Liam and his crew of fellow cop buddies kicking down a door, armed to the teeth, to serve an arrest warrant. The action and excitement, mixed with the short back and forth quips between officers, in the raid give us a sense that maybe this comic will get a lot better in the next issue.

Liam and Hope’s romance is also something we found joy in seeing and reading. Hope seems like a smart, intelligent, and independent woman who doesn’t rely on her cop-boyfriend to get ahead in the art world. She doesn’t have short, boring dialogue as well when she’s conversing with Liam, or anyone else either.

We really hope that things pick up a little more in the next installment in this cop guns down vampire filled mini-series. The actions good, the dialogue’s interesting, and the characters stories are waiting to make this comic something special and unique. Sadly, if this comic doesn’t find some way to truly stand out amongst all the other vampire stories out there, this may be another story we say “pass” to at the comic book store.

Let us know what you think about Graveyard Shift #1 in the comments down below!!


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