The Incredible Hulk Hands Short Video

Down below is a short video, created by Ari Fararooy, called “The Incredible Hulk Hands”. The hands grant the wearer the very strength of Hulk himself!! The short video stars YouTube comedy groups The Jasons and Momma Outta Bullets. Enjoy the video!!

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Man of Steel VS Iron Man Video!!

Alex Luthor has created another mind-boggling, fan-made superhero video for viewers to enjoy! This time around, Alex pits the man of steel, Superman, against Marvel’s tin head, Iron Man. Enjoy the video!!

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Square Enix’s Variant Star Wars Darth Vader Action Figure

Thanks to The Fwoosh we’ve learned that Square Enix’s Variant-Play Arts Kai toy line will be coming out with a samurai style Star Wars Darth Vader action figure!! The figure differs from the actual character in a multitude of ways but believe us when we say they will not decrease the awesomeness of this action figure. There’s no news on a release date just yet but the suggested retail price is $100. Down below are just a few pictures of Square Enix’s action figures.





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Roberto Orci Will Not Be Writing For Star Trek 3

According to Trek Movie, writer Roberto Orci has confirmed that he will not be writing for the upcoming sci-fi movie, Star Trek 3. The writer was up for possibly directing the movie but then dropped out and has been replaced by Director Justin Lin, Fast & Furious. Orci will, however, be producing the film.

Orci spoke on the alternate timeline from the tv series in the films saying:

“Stop blaming BR (Bad Robot). It was my idea so that you would not know what was gonna happen next. Nothing more or less. I stand behind it. And it, again, is the reason why I make movies and you don’t.”

writer roberto orci star trek

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Violent Puppets In 1950s Coffee Commercials

Thanks to Geektyrant for posting this collection of hilariously violent coffee commercials from back in the 1950s. These commercials are for the Wilkins coffee brand and were created by Jim Henson. The commercials feature two puppets who refuse to drink the coffee and commit horrible acts of violence thereafter. Violence isn’t funny unless it’s with puppets people. Enjoy the video!!

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