Marvel Spider-Man Comic Cover Art – “Thwip!”

DeviantArt user dnz85 has created this awesome looking piece of comic book cover art featuring our favorite wall-crawler, The Amazing Spider-Man!! The piece is called “Thwip!” and features the superhero swinging from web to web through some of New York’s back alleys. The artist has created numerous pieces of awesome comic book fan-art that you can check out right here.

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Spawn Speedpainting By Mitch Grave

This stunningly amazing speed painting was created by DeviantArt user Mitch Grave. The portrait features the supernatural antihero Spawn looking to pass judgement on the scum of the earth and underworld with his fiery green eyes. The piece apparently only took the artist in one of his lunch breaks and for it looks fantastic!

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HBO Game Of Thrones Season 5 Trailer

The first trailer for season 5 of HBO’s Game of Thrones was revealed last night during IMAX’s Game of Thrones event! This trailer for the fifth season, mostly based on the fourth and fifth novel by Author George RR Martin, is packed with action and excitement! The new season of Game of Thrones will return to HBO on April 12th at 9pm. Enjoy the video!

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Marvel Thor Fan-Art – “Thor’s Ascension”

ArtStation user Hector Jenz has created this amazingly cool piece of Marvel fan-art. The piece is called “Thor’s Ascension” and features the Avenger in the air painted on top of a newspaper using watercolors.

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LEGO’s Epic Marvel SHIELD Hellicarier Play-Set!!

Marvel & LEGO have released this incredibly awesome play set based on Marvel’s SHIELD Hellicarier! The set includes almost 3,000 LEGO bricks as well as a few Avengers mini-figures like Captain America, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Mariah Hill, and Hawkeye. The set will be available this March for $349.99.

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Hooded Rocket Raccoons Laides Tank Top has released this amazing looking hooded tank top inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Rocket Raccoon. The tank top features a racerback-styling in the back and comes complete with fuzzy ears and a detachable tail. The tank top is available on for $39.99.


Here is an official description of ThinkGeek’s tank top:

Ain’t no thing like Rocket except Rocket, but his raccoon buddies here on Earth got a definite charisma bonus from the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. No longer are they simply thieves going through your garbage for pizza crusts. Now they’re pawing through your trash looking for Infinity Stones to keep them out of the hands of evil. And also pizza crusts.

Show your love of the adorable walking armory that is Rocket Raccoon with this Rocket Raccoon Ladies’ Hooded Tank Top. The hood features fuzzy ears and the back has a detachable tail. Orange and brown design screenprinted to look like Rocket’s armor 360 around this 100% cotton ladies’ tank top. Back is racerback style. Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry. Imported.

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Rachael Taylor Joins Marvel’s Jessica Jones Netflix Series

According to Marvel, Actress Rachael Taylor, The Loft, will be joining Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series, A.K.A. Jessica Jones, as radio talk show host, former model and TV star Patricia “Trish” Walker. Trish is a close friend of Jessica who helps her embark on one of the most dangerous cases of Jessica’s career.

984567-rachael-taylorExecutive/Producer Melissa Rosenberg spoke about Rachael’s character saying:

“The character is a star and a powerhouse, and required an actress who is both,” said Rosenberg. “Rachael is all that and more!”

Marvel’s Executive Producer/ Head of Television Jeph Loeb spoke on the character saying:

“Rachael’s ability to embody a character that must balance both the darker and lighter elements of our series will provide a perfect emotional anchor for Jessica Jones,” said Loeb,  “Rachael blew us away with her grounded, humanizing take on Trish, adding yet another layer to the complex, emotional story we’re telling with this series.”

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SOURCE:  Marvel