Spider-Man “One On One” Fan-Art By Kopfstoff

This piece showing The Amazing Spider-Man enjoying a quick lunch breack above some of New York’s rooftops was created by DeviantArt user Kopfstoff. The artist attached this note to the web-slinger’s piece saying:
“amazing! almost 52 years of wall crawling and web-slinging. i am a huuuuuge spider-man fanboy (check my acutal DA-ID and you get an idea) and i thought it might be time for a proper piece, its been a while since i did my last spidey drawing and his birthday is right around the corner, so here you have it. did this for fun, and damn, it was fun! going to have this baby on my wall soon, at least in din a2. ;)

there are three versions: clean artwork version, the “oldschool variant cover” (the lettering i grow up with) and the “modern” one.

for more info, detail-shots and a small wip history check out my blog (www.kopfstoff.blogspot.com)

PS: i am going to upload this one on society6 i think, tell me if you guys want printzzz!”


You can see more of Kopfstoff’s work by following the link down below

LINK:  http://kopfstoff.deviantart.com/

Let us know in the comments below what you think about Kopfstoff’s Spider-Man art!!


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