Arcade Game Pong Saves German Lives

In an article by  IGN, a German company, Urban Invention, has begun to implement the classic arcade game Pong to deter people from jaywalking and being hit by oncoming traffic. The device is called ActiWait and replaces the normal “Walk” button on traffic light poles.The touchscreen device allows you to play against the person opposite your light pole as it counts down until the next green light.

German traffic lights pong


The invention could save many peoples lives and reduce thousands of dollars in both public property and personal damages.Urban Invention is looking to add more games and apps to the device in order to widen it’s appeal. The devices are currently installed in Hildesheim, Germany and the company is looking to expand into other cities as soon as possible.

Let us know in the comments down below what you think about Germany’s Pong Traffic lights!!


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