Threadless T-Shirt Art “Back To The 80’s” By Gaci & Ereon

Get ready to head back to the future in this Threadless t-shirt called “Back to the 80’s”. The t-shirt art was created by Threadless users Gaci and Ereon. The piece includes a bunch of awesome stuff from the 80’s like E.T., Mr. T, Indiana Jones, and He-Man & his arch-nemesis Skeletor holding a boombox!!! This piece is screeching to the present in it’s Delorean covered in nothing complete awesomeness and radical attitude. The t-shirt is currently available on for $20 with free shipping!!

Back To The 80's by Gaci and Ereon - Threadless T-shirt

You can learn more about the product and learn more about the artists by following the link down below


Let us know what you think about Gaci & Ereon’s 80’s t-shirt art in the comments down below!!


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