1981 Marvel Calendar Fits Perfectly With 2015 Calendar

Thanks to GeekTyrant, we have an awesome Marvel Comics calendar for 2015 that comes all the way from 1981!! Artist Mark Anderson, scanned this calendar and uploaded it for everyone in the world to enjoy! This 1981 calendar was put together by Stan Lee 34 years ago. It features some spectacular artwork from artists like Bill Sienkiewicz, Joe Sinnott, John Romita Jr., Frank Miller, and George Perez.


You can get the entire calendar from GeekTyrant’s website by following the link down below

LINK:  http://geektyrant.com/news/1981-marvel-comics-calendar-perfectly-align-with-2015

Let us know what you think of Marvel Comic’s 1981 Calendar or 2015 in the comments down below!!


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