MadSpike’s Futuristic Sci-Fi Crime Scene Photo Art

Here is a piece of photo art by DeviantArt user MadSpike. The picture shows a police officer with his robotic-canine sidekick at a dark and grey crime scene covered in police tape and the skies filled with black birds and clouds. The photo was taken by DeviantArt user SidorenkoOlga who has worked with MadSpike in the past to make other great pieces of photo art. The picture includes a futuristic sci-fi story to go along with it, featured down below. Enjoy!!

Crime Scene - MadSpike DeviantArt


Detective Lynch and it’s dog at the crime scene.
Back in 2026 ADV Corp developed a prototype of a dog to show off their technology. Basic AI perfectly mimics the behavior and movements of the dog. These prototypes were sent to the most promising technological universities in the country to help students. Over the decades, some students worked on AI to improve it, to give the robot some purpose. One of these robots has become a police dog. This dog had forensic tools to find and record evidence.It can analyze fingerprints, footprints, fibers, fluids (such as blood or chemicals), particles, residues, markings/etchings, material, imprints, wounds, small objects, documents, and body parts.During the fight, dog is able to carry a sub-machine gun, rifle or a shotgun, ammunition or first aid kit.

Detective Lynch got this dog from one of its creators. He controls it by the modification chip in his brain. Officially, the use of dog in course of the investigation forbidden, but Lynch enlists the aid of a dog for operational analysis of evidence. Usually, he keeps the dog in the trunk of his car. He gave the dog the nickname Spike.

You can see more of MadSpike’s work by following the link down below


You can see more of SidorenkoOlga’s work by following the link down below


Let us know what you think about MadSpike’s Crime Scene photo art in the comments down below!


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