Guardians Of The Galaxy Fan-Art By Bobby Chiu

Artist Bobby Chiu has created an adorable piece of fan-art of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot and Rocket Raccoon. The piece is called “Baby Groot and Rocket” and it shows Baby Groot creating small lights, or maybe white butterflies, from his hand in joy while Rocket looks up to the mysteriously beautiful, floating creations in wonder. The piece was made to look like an old picture from many years ago to give it sort of a backstory for Rocket and Groot, that the two grew up as toddlers to and have been best friends/bountyhunters ever since.

Baby Groot and Rocket - Bobby Chiu - Artstation

You can see more of Bobby’s work by following the link down below


Let us know what you think about Bobby’s “Baby Groot and Rocket” fan-art in the comments down below!!


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