Tom Bancroft’s Marvel/Disney Mashup-Art – “X-Dwarves”

Artist Tom Bancroft has created this piece of mashup art mixing up Marvel’s team of super-powered mutants, the X-Men, and Disney’s beloved fairytale about a girl who should’ve learned to turn down food from mysteriously, creepy old women she doesn’t know, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The piece is called “X-Dwarves” and it turns Snow White and the dwarves into X-Men!! There’s even some non-super-powered forest animals included, ready to get their scrap on with whatever evil-doers they encounter! The piece is currently available as a T-shirt on for about $19.95, but if you act right now you can get the shirt for a discounted price. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR THE SPECIAL T-SHIRT SALES SO ACT NOW!!!

Tom Bancroft - X-Dwarves - X-men Snow White & the seven dwarves disney - neatoshop

You can see more of Tom’s work by following the link down below


Let us know in the comments below what you think about Tom’s “X-Dwarves” T-Shirt art!!


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