Pitaman’s Thanos Power Glove T-Shirt Art

Artist Pitaman has uploaded a piece of Marvel/Nintendo mashup-art to TeePublic.com called “Playing With Real Power”. The piece shows the Infinity Gauntlet lying on the floor as Marvel’s infamous Thanos stands before us wielding a new gauntlet of infinite power, the NES Power Glove!! The piece is currently available on TeePublic.com for $14 for the next two days and will then cost $20 after, so buy now!!!

Pitaman - Playing with real power - Thanos Power Glove Nintendo NES - infinity gauntlet


Here’s a description of the T-shirt art by the artist saying:

The Mad Titan is always in search of great POWER in order to carry out his diabolical plans. Let the galaxy beware, for he has found object that is even greater in POWER than any other he has wielded before. All will run in fear at his very presence. Now, that he’s playing with REAL POWER! Mwuahahahaaaa!

You can see more of Pitaman’s work by following the link down below

LINK:  https://www.teepublic.com/user/pitaman

Let us know what you think about Pitaman’s Thanos T-shirt art in the comments down below!!


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