DefBeat’s DC “Catwoman ’66” Art

DeviantArt user DefBeat has created this piece that sends us back in time to when Batman was played by Adam West and The Joker wasn’t trying to blow up hospitals or shoving pencils into people’s eye-sockets. Introducing DefBeat’s “Catoman ’66”, a piece depicting Catwoman, played by Actress Lee Meriwether, from the 1966 television series, Batman. This incredible piece just makes us want to call it a day, turn it over to IFC, and watch old 1966 Batman episodes all day, hoping it’s a Catwoman episode.

Catwoman '66 - DeviantArt - defbeat

You can see more of DefBeat’s work by following the link down below


Let us know what you think about DefBeat’s “Catwoman ’66” piece in the comments down below!!


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