Threadless Marvel Thor & Mjolnir T-Shirt Art

Here’s a bit of Marvel Comics awesomeness in this bit of t-shirt fan-art, created by @Nickname Generators Sucks, aka Hugo Diaz. The piece shows Mjolnir dressed as the mighty avenger wielding Thor. No we didn’t say that backwards, Mjolnir is flying in the air, ready to lay down a couple tons superhero smackdown on some villains, holding Thor in his hand as a weapon. The T-shirt is currently for sale on for $20.00 with free shipping!

Threadless - The Mighty Mjolnir - Thor T-shirt - Generators Suck

You can see more of Hugo’s work by following the link down below


Let us know what you think about Hugo’s Thor T-shirt art in the comments down below!!


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