INVADERS 001 Sketch Cover Comic Artwork By Jason Quinones

This incredibly awesome, action-packed, black & white piece of Marvel comic book art was created by Artist Jason Quinones. The piece is called “INVADERS 001 Sketch Cover Comic” and features various animal superheroes getting ready to battle it out with some bad guys.

Invaders 001 sketch comic cover - jason quinones - marvel comics - rocket raccoon

Here is Jason’s description of the Invaders comic sketch art:

The characters and situations i’ve chosen to depict on this sketchcover does not happen in The All-New INVADERS but it should. Did this one real fast and loose. Very loose pencils with a quick Sharpie Marker Ink job on top all in bout 3 hours time. (Which is fast for me anyway…)

It features Rocket Raccoon, Howard The Duck, Spider-Ham, Frog-Thor (Did he ever have an actual name or was he just Frog-Thor???) and a Baby Lockjaw!

Let us know what you think about Jason’s Invaders comic sketch art in the comments down below!!


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