ThinkGeek’s Aliens Xenomorph Queen Deluxe Action Figure

ThinkGeek has released this stunningly amazing looking Aliens Xenomorph Queen action figure!! This massive, officially-licensed Aliens action figure stands at 15″ tall and 40″ long, a posable tale, and it also includes a display stand and two different interchangeable inner mouths. The action figure is currently selling on for $119.99.

2067_aliens_xenomorph_queen_deluxe_action_fig_mouth_openHere’s an official description of the product from ThinkGeek:

In space, no one can hear you scream. Again. Part II. This time it’s personal. Seriously, though, we can fully understand the Xenomorph Queen’s anguish. Here she is just trying to provide for her large family of carnivores when Paul Buchman and Jerry Lambert bring all sorts of corporate and military nastiness to her front door. What’s a girl to do? Well, we know what to do. In honor of the 35th Anniversary of the Alien franchise, the most massive and most ambitious Aliens figure ever has been created: the Aliens – Xenomorph Queen Ultra Deluxe Boxed Action Figure!

The terrifying Aliens – Xenomorph Queen Ultra Deluxe Boxed Action Figure is based on her appearance in the 1986 film: Aliens. She stands over 15″ tall and is over 30″ long, with over 30 points of articulation, including a spectacular poseable tail. Bring some of the movie’s most thrilling scenes to life in realistic detail with the Aliens – Xenomorph Queen Ultra Deluxe Boxed Action Figure. And because just one inner mouth isn’t enough for royalty, the Xenomorph Queen comes with two!

2067_aliens_xenomorph_queen_deluxe_action_fig_frontLet us know what you think about ThinkGeek’s Aliens Xenomorph Queen action figure in the comments down below!!


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