CoffeeandGeeks is all about delivering the latest geek-related news while paying homage to the delicious drink that keeps us up and going, coffee. Without it we would be zombies which would be kind of awesome but we’d rather not be attacked by Walking Dead fans looking to fulfill their desires of bashing in some zombie brains with whatever they could find lying around.

Ethan Wilks, Founder and Head-Writer/Blogger of CoffeeandGeeks, is currently an accounting major at Jacksonville State University. When Ethan’s not in class, he’s reporting on all of the latest news in the nerd community and working on delivering it to you, our beloved readers. Whether it’s from reading the newest comics, to staying up all night following and reading posts online, Ethan aims to deliver the news you want to read about as soon as it happens.

Finding and delivering the latest geek news is our love and passion, but drinking coffee is our mistress. Espresso, espresso con panna, espresso-machiato, cappuccino, caffe latte, cafe au lait, caffe breve, americanos……you get the picture. We like drinking coffee so much we put it in our name!! Trust us, there were other, lot less cooler names that we came up with when deciding names but we stuck with what we were passionate about.

We at CoffeeandGeeks are dedicated to delivering the geek-related news that you want to know about as soon as it happens, all while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.


Please follow us on Twitter, @CoffeeandGeeks, or on our Facebook page, which currently is still being worked on. You can also follow us on Instagram, coffeeandgeeks.

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