THE SIMS (Honest Game Trailers) Video

The good YouTubers at Smosh Games have created added another video to their Honest Trailer series, this time they poke fun at the popular, second-life game, The Sims. Enjoy the video!!

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Sci-Fi Prosthesis Designs By Nikita Replyanski

These amazing prosthesis designs were created by CG Artist Nikita Replyanski. The pictures down below are of a real-life project being developed. The pictures show the top and bottom halves of the prosthetic hand as well as a picture of the prosthetic model gripping a large ball. Enjoy the pictures!

Nikita Replyanski - Artstation - Prosthesis Design 1

Nikita Replyanski - Artstation - Prosthesis Design 2

Nikita Replyanski - Artstation - Prosthesis Design 3

You can see more of Nikita’s work by following the link down below


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Nintendo Console Inside Ghostbusters Vehicle

Ultimatecustoms1982 is selling a crossover between ghost-hunting and videogame with this awesome looking console. It’s an NES system inside of a Ghostbusters styled Hot Wheels Ecto-1 replica and is currently up for sale on Ebay for $520! Down below is an official description from the seller on the product.


You are bidding on a one of a kind modified Hot Wheels Ghostbusters ECTO-1 die-cast toy car with a built-in Retrobit NES system. The car has been heavily modified to fit both controller ports, the cartridge slot and power button, as well as the system. The interior of the car is entirely removed and all doors are non-accessible. The windows of the car feature a tinted GB themed decal to hide the visible wiring and interior mods (hard to see in the picture). The blue sirens on the top of the car have been wired to illuminate with blue LED’s when the system is powered on. The roof-rack operates on a hinge and is not removable, must be flipped up to insert the game cartridge. The door panel that holds the controller ports varies slightly in color from the remainder of the vehicle as the door panel had to be re-sprayed after being modded (only visible in very certain lighting). There are a few nicks that were patched and repainted as well as some chips on the car’s flare that were repainted also. Overall the care is extremely clean despite the heavy mod work that was required. The controller features light-up green buttons. System is 100% functional but is not an original NES board or pins, it is the aftermarket Retrobit console, the most noticeable difference in these systems is that the picture may not be as crisp as an original NES.  Please refer to the pictures for further details, and shoot me a message with any questions before bidding. There is a small flaw to the bottom front panel of the wireless controller where the plastic was slightly gouged pre-customization, sanded down but still visible. 

With any custom console, it is important to treat it with care and handle gently. 

Included in this auction

1x – ECTO-1  Nintendo unit

1x – GB controller

1x – A/C Adapter

1x – A/V Cables

You can see and learn more about the product by following the link down below


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Arcade Game Pong Saves German Lives

In an article by  IGN, a German company, Urban Invention, has begun to implement the classic arcade game Pong to deter people from jaywalking and being hit by oncoming traffic. The device is called ActiWait and replaces the normal “Walk” button on traffic light poles.The touchscreen device allows you to play against the person opposite your light pole as it counts down until the next green light.

German traffic lights pong


The invention could save many peoples lives and reduce thousands of dollars in both public property and personal damages.Urban Invention is looking to add more games and apps to the device in order to widen it’s appeal. The devices are currently installed in Hildesheim, Germany and the company is looking to expand into other cities as soon as possible.

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Mega X Man T-Shirt Art By Retro Review

Retro Review has released this Mega Man & X-Men crossover, named ” Mega X Man”, for sale as t-shirts on! This piece turns classic X-Men characters, like Wolverine and Cyclops, and turns them into Capcom style video game characters. Almost all of the characters have been renamed like, for example, Wolverine to Claw Man, and Storm to Weather Woman. The shirt is currently available for sale on for $19.95.

Mega-X-Man retro review

You can see and learn more about this product by following the link down below


You can see more of Retro Review’s work by following the link down below


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Nintendo Video Games Turned Into Pulp Fiction Book Covers

Artist Astor Alexander has recreated classic Nintendo video games like Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda and turned them into art that resembles the covers of old pulp fiction books.




You can see more of these Nintendo pulp fiction pieces and more of Astor’s work by following the link below


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Posters for Adam Sandler’s Pixels

Latino-Review recently released a short article featuring a few posters for Adam Sandler’s upcoming movie, Pixels, that have classic arcade game characters in it. The two posters down below, featuring Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, are just a few of the posters that were featured in the article.

pixels-poster pacman

pixels-poster king kong

You can see more posters for Pixels by following the link below


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