JRR Tolkien LOTR & The Hobbit Fan-Art Doodles

Behance user Robin Thompson has uploaded some cartoon-styled doodles of some our favorite characters from JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings books and movies. The doodles feature characters such as Frodo, Thorin, Tom Bobadil, Goldbery, and Thranduil.

Robin Thompson - Thorin - hobbit doodle

Bobadil & River daughter - robin thompson - hobbit doodle

frodo stabbed ragul - robin thompson - hobbit doodle

Thranduil - Robin Thompson - hobbit doodle

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Olga Tereshenko’s Lord Of The Rings Legolas Fan-Art

Artist Olga Tereshenko has created this beautiful piece of fan-art featuring the elf-archer Legolas from Author J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books.The illustration features Legolas, portrayed by Actor Orlando Bloom, Pirates of the Caribbean, preparing to release an arrow in to what we suspect is a dangerous, enemy orc.

olga-tereshenko-legolas - behanceLet us now what you think about Olga’s Legolas fan-art in the comments down below!!

Jacob Edgar’s Marvel Hulk & Deadpool Pin-Up Art

Artist Jacob Edgar has created this entertainingly funny piece of Marvel pin-up art featuring The Incredible Hulk and the Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool!! The piece, created using Manga Studio, features the heroic duo together with the Hulk holding one of Deadpool’s ripped off arms.

Jacob Edgar Marvel Pin-Up Hulk & Deadpool BehanceLet us know what you think about Jacob’s Marvel pin-up art in the comments down below!!

The Big Lebowski & The Walking Dead Vector Posters

Behance Artist Nicholas Reyes has created these awesome looking vector posters inspired by The Big Lebowski and AMC’s The Walking Dead. Where can we find these to hang on our walls?!!!

Nicholas Reyes - The Big Lebowski - Vector poster - behance

Nicholas Reyes - The Walking Dead Rick - Vector Poster - Behance

Nicholas Reyes - The Walking Dead Micchone - Behance - Vector Poster




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How To Be A Ghostbuster Infographic!!

Behance user Claudio Conticelli has uploaded this entertainingly interesting infographic, inspired by the classic 1980s movie Ghostbusters, that shows people how to start hunting down ghosts!! The infographic’s title is “How To Start A Paranormal Investigations Service” and is definitely one of the best infographics we’ve featured on our site. Enjoy!!

Ghostubesters Infographic - Claudio Conticelli - Behance


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The Dark Knight Fan-Art – “YOu KNow What I Am.”

Graphic Design Artist Abhilash Balasa has created this amazing piece of comic book fan-art, inspired by Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. The piece is called “YOu KNow What I Am.” and features The Joker, portrayed by Actor Heath Ledger, A Knight’s Tale, and features a line from the movie said by the Joker to a hospitalized Harvey Dent, aka Two-Face.

“Do I really look like a guy with a plan?? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars” 

You know what i am - Behance DC Joker - Abhilash B

You know what i am - Behance DC Joker Abhilash B 2

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INVADERS 001 Sketch Cover Comic Artwork By Jason Quinones

This incredibly awesome, action-packed, black & white piece of Marvel comic book art was created by Artist Jason Quinones. The piece is called “INVADERS 001 Sketch Cover Comic” and features various animal superheroes getting ready to battle it out with some bad guys.

Invaders 001 sketch comic cover - jason quinones - marvel comics - rocket raccoon

Here is Jason’s description of the Invaders comic sketch art:

The characters and situations i’ve chosen to depict on this sketchcover does not happen in The All-New INVADERS but it should. Did this one real fast and loose. Very loose pencils with a quick Sharpie Marker Ink job on top all in bout 3 hours time. (Which is fast for me anyway…)

It features Rocket Raccoon, Howard The Duck, Spider-Ham, Frog-Thor (Did he ever have an actual name or was he just Frog-Thor???) and a Baby Lockjaw!

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