Captain America & StarLord’s Charity Super Bowl Bet

According to IGN, Chris Evans, Marvel’s Captain America, and Chris Pratt, Marvel’s Star Lord, have begun a little wager via Twitter involving children’s hospital visits. Chris Evans began to taunt Pratt about the New England Patriots defeating the Seattle Seahawks. Then the challenge began. Pratt challenged Evans to visit Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed as the patriotic Avenger, Captain America, if the Seattle Seahawks win.



Evans accepted the challenge and counterchallenged Pratt to where if the Seahawks lose, Pratt will dress as Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Star Lord and visit the children at the pediatric cancer nonprofit Christopher’s Haven.

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Jurassic Park & Parks and Recreation Mashup Video

Here is a video by the YouTubers at Thanks Mom Productions that mashes up Chris Pratt’s Andy from NBC’s Parks and Recreation and Chris Pratt’s Owen from the upcoming Jurassic World movie. The name of the video is called “Jurassic Parks and Recreation” and it’s absolutely hilarious! Enjoy the video!

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Chris Pratt Casted in COWBOY NINJA VIKING Movie

Chris Pratt, known for his roles in NBC’s Parks and Recreation and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, has been casted to play in a new comic book movie called COWBOY NINJA VIKING!!



Picked up by Disney back in 2010, the movie is currently being Written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, Zombieland, and is being directed by Marc Forester, World War Z.

The comic was created by A.J. Lieberman and Riley Rossmo. The comic is about a man named Duncan who comes from a shady government project who turns schizophrenics into Bad-A assassins. He comes through the program as a cowboy, a ninja, and a viking. Duncan escapes the program and uses his skills to hunt and track down the people responsible for his pain and agony.



This new comes from Collider who offered some more information about the project:

“We’re told that per the latest draft of the script, the three different personalities (the Cowboy, the Ninja, and the Viking) physically manifest onscreen as three different people when Duncan switches personas, but to onlookers he still just looks like Duncan.”

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