Josevega’s Spider-Man Miles Morales Fan-Art

The Ultimate Marvel Universe’s Spider-Man, Miles Morales, stands on top of a icy, snowed-over Avengers insignia, looking outwards into the horizon in this cool piece of Marvel Comics fan-art created by DeviantArt user artofjosevega.

spiderman_by_artofjosevega-d8gjhrbLet us know what you think about Josevega’s Miles Morales piece in the comments down below!!


DC Green Arrow & Black Canary Banner Art

DeviantArt user Elena-Casagrande has created this romantic piece of DC fan-art featuring superhero love birds Green Arrow and Black Cannary. The piece was made for BlastOffComics‘s website banner for the month of February.

green_arrow_and_black_cannary_banner_by_elena_casagrande-d8gbeg3Let us know what you think about Elena’s DC fan-art piece in the comments down below!!

Amazing Harley Quinn Cosplay By ShiSha-Rainbow

DeviantArt user ShiSha-Rainbow has uploaded this picture, taken by Photographer Kashikosa, featuring an amazing DC Comics Harley Quinn Cosplayer! The pictures shows a pig-tailed, latex costume wearing Harley on top of a stack of tires wielding her infamous, skull-crushing mallet over her head

harley_quinn_cosplay__bum_bum__by_shisha_rainbow-d7qrjwlShiSha added this message to the post:

I wanted to make Harley for a very long time. But I never made her because she was cosplayed so often – and often a lot so good! I was awed. But than I made the decision to make it just for me. And yes, now, I’m very proud of the outcome and I like it much on me! And I really play the Harley-role all the time long at a convention. Its is soooo much fun. I will also made a higres fanvideo for my Youtube-Channel soon.
Harley is a little bit stupid sometimes, always cute but acting also very sexy – I like all of her ways to play. ‘keh ‘keh ‘keh

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Marvel Spider-Man Comic Cover Art – “Thwip!”

DeviantArt user dnz85 has created this awesome looking piece of comic book cover art featuring our favorite wall-crawler, The Amazing Spider-Man!! The piece is called “Thwip!” and features the superhero swinging from web to web through some of New York’s back alleys. The artist has created numerous pieces of awesome comic book fan-art that you can check out right here.

Thwip! Spider-Man - DeviantArt dnz85Let us know what you think about dnz85’s Spider-Man fan-art in the comments down below!!

Spawn Speedpainting By Mitch Grave

This stunningly amazing speed painting was created by DeviantArt user Mitch Grave. The portrait features the supernatural antihero Spawn looking to pass judgement on the scum of the earth and underworld with his fiery green eyes. The piece apparently only took the artist in one of his lunch breaks and for it looks fantastic!

speedpainting___spawn_by_mitchgrave-d8fmvxxLet us know what you think about Mitch’s Spawn painting in the comments down below!!

DC Batgirl Fan-Art By MZ09

DeviantArt user MZ09 has created this piece of comic book fan-art featuring Batgirl chewing bubblegum while lacing up her boots and getting her pictures liked on Instagram. We absolutely love this character in the comic books and look forward to seeing more awesome fan-art like this soon!

batgirl - MZ09 - DeviantArt

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Game Of Thrones Tyrion Fan-Art By Koloromuj

DeviantArt user Koloromuj has created this great piece of fan-art praising George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister, played by Actor Peter Dinklange. The piece shows Tyrion sitting in the Iron Throne while a light shines down on him reading his book. The artist attached the following quote by Tyrion from the HBO series to the piece:

“My brother has his sword, and I have my mind. A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone.” [season 1, episode 2, “The Kingsroad”]

Tyrion - deviantart - game of thrones - koloromuj

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