DC Green Arrow & Black Canary Banner Art

DeviantArt user Elena-Casagrande has created this romantic piece of DC fan-art featuring superhero love birds Green Arrow and Black Cannary. The piece was made for BlastOffComics‘s website banner for the month of February.

green_arrow_and_black_cannary_banner_by_elena_casagrande-d8gbeg3Let us know what you think about Elena’s DC fan-art piece in the comments down below!!


Star Wars & Arrow Mashup Video!!

YouTuber Dave Jones has created a series of videos mashing up the famous sci-fi movie franchise, Star Wars, and DC’s hit television series, Arrow. The videos show different fight scenes in the Arrow series, replacing their weapons with lightsabers. The latest video Jones has released is called “Arrow Jedi: Episode CCCIXX” and it is definitely a must-watch. There are more awesome Arrow Jedi videos you can watch on Jones’s YouTube channel. Enjoy the video!!

Let us know in the comments below what you think about Jones’s Star Wars/Arrow mashup video!!

Batman VS Green Arrow Fan-Made Video

YouTuber ShadeAsKnight has recently uploaded a video featuring two of DC’s favorite superheroes facing off, Batman VS Green Arrow. It’s all-out batarang on arrow violence in this video. The video mixes up scenes from CW’s Arrow¬†and scenes from Christian Bale’s recent Batman’s movies. Enjoy the video!!

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