Ken Nolan Developing The Activity Comic Film!!

According to Latino-Review, Writer Ken Nolan, Black Hawk Down, has been confirmed to be developing an adaption for Image Comics’ The Activity for the silver screen. The Activity, created by Nathan Edmondson, follows a secretive spec-ops team working for the United States that heads out to fix botched missions using high-tech weaponry and lethal force.

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SOURCE:  Latino-Review


Mark Millar On Starlight Comic Book Movie

IGN recently interviewed comic book legend Mark Millar, Civil War, Kick-Ass, to discuss Kingsman: The Secret Service, when they also decided to pick his brain on one of his comics soon to hit the silver screen, Starlight. IGN through out some suggestions and ideas on who could play the character’s lead role, Duke McQueen. IGN’s list of suggested actors varied from Liam Neeson to Kirk Douglas, which Millar commented on in his point of view.

starlightMillar also went on to talk about his inspiration for the story saying:

“When I was a kid my Dad used to have this old 35mm projector and we had a lot of the Republic serials – things like Flash Gordon and Commando Cody. I grew up with a real love of that – I must have been the only kid on my housing estate in Scotland that was really into this stuff. BBC2 were showing a lot of that stuff at the time too. So I grew up really loving 1930s and 1940s serials.

“I wanted to do a comic book that was an homage to that stuff. So what I did was I took the archetypes of the space hero – a John Carter, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon-style space hero – and aged him up. This guy had been doing these amazing things when he was in his 20s; he had these amazing adventures, like Buster Crabbe. But when he came back to earth there was no evidence that he’d done anything. The idea was that he comes back and has to live a normal life. He’s like ‘I saved that alien world!’ and people are like ‘Very good.’ There were no selfies then so you couldn’t really prove it!

“So he just comes home, becomes a mechanic, gets married and has kids. And then he doesn’t tell people about it anymore because he’s kind of embarrassed because nobody believes him. Then his wife dies and his kids move out of the house… and he’s a 63-year-old guy. Then one of those old sparkly rocket ships lands in the garden again and says ‘You saved us 40 years ago, will you come back and save us again because there’s a new problem?’ And he has to squeeze himself into his old spacesuit and has to go back for one last adventure. It’s kind of Unforgiven meets Flash Gordon.”

The screenplay isn’t even written at this stage, but we nevertheless took the opportunity to lob some names at Mark for Duke McQueen, kicking off with the actor that apparently inspired the look of the character…”

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Spawn Speedpainting By Mitch Grave

This stunningly amazing speed painting was created by DeviantArt user Mitch Grave. The portrait features the supernatural antihero Spawn looking to pass judgement on the scum of the earth and underworld with his fiery green eyes. The piece apparently only took the artist in one of his lunch breaks and for it looks fantastic!

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The Big Lebowski & The Walking Dead Vector Posters

Behance Artist Nicholas Reyes has created these awesome looking vector posters inspired by The Big Lebowski and AMC’s The Walking Dead. Where can we find these to hang on our walls?!!!

Nicholas Reyes - The Big Lebowski - Vector poster - behance

Nicholas Reyes - The Walking Dead Rick - Vector Poster - Behance

Nicholas Reyes - The Walking Dead Micchone - Behance - Vector Poster




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SPAWN Shall Be Resurrected!!

IGN recently released an article revealing 19 upcoming comics from one of the masters of storytelling, Image Comics. The news of these comics came from this year’s Image Expo in San Fransisco, revealing new comics from creators such as Brian K. Vaughan, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, and more. One of the most noticeable comics coming out in 2015 from Image is a renaissance of splendor, and an orgy of delight to comic book readers’ eyes, Spawn!!

Spawn Image Comics Cover - %22I'm Back%22


Writer Brian Wood will no longer be writing for the comic’s story, but will emerge from the creatively dark and blood soaked minds of Writer Paul Jenkins and Artist Jonboy Meyers. The comic will feature Al Simmons as the story’s main protagonist and will be a one-shot special. The book will be titled Spawn Resurrection #1 and then will continue on to issue #251. Spawn Resurrection will make it’s debut sometime this February.

Spawn Art by Alex Ross

You can see IGN’s article on Image’s 19 titles by following the link down below


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The Walking Dead Michonne Fan-Art By Andrew Hunt

Here is a piece of art depicting The Walking Dead’s Michonne created by Artist Andrew Hunt. Andrew is a fulltime Concept Artist at Daqri Los Angeles, California. In the artwork, a cut up, bload soaked Michonne gives a cold, hard stare downwards towards another obstacle that felt her samurai sword’s sharp kiss.

andrew-hunt-michonne-lo-res artstation

You can see more of Andrew’s work by following the link down below


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Graveyard #1 Comic Review

Image Comics presents another dark tale for comic book readers to enjoy called Graveyard Shift, written by Jay Faerber, Teen Titans, and drawn by Fran Bueno, Noble Causes. Graveyard Shift follows a homicide detective, Liam, and his artist girlfriend, Hope, who are attacked by a vicious gang of blood-sucking vampires. Shots are fired, blood’s been drawn, and bodies drop, no one walks away unscathed in this issue that’s for sure.

Graveyard Shift #1 comic cover

The comic’s art is fantastic, the character’s dialogue give interesting lines and aren’t synonymous, but this issues just doesn’t stand out amongst all of the other vampire filled comic books out there. We’re not saying this couldn’t be a good book, but we’ve seen similar storylines in other comics before. Vampire VS cop, vampire turns protagonists loved ones and forces protagonist to make difficult decisions, it has been done before.

The comic does give a nice crime-thriller mix to the story. The issue begins with Liam and his crew of fellow cop buddies kicking down a door, armed to the teeth, to serve an arrest warrant. The action and excitement, mixed with the short back and forth quips between officers, in the raid give us a sense that maybe this comic will get a lot better in the next issue.

Liam and Hope’s romance is also something we found joy in seeing and reading. Hope seems like a smart, intelligent, and independent woman who doesn’t rely on her cop-boyfriend to get ahead in the art world. She doesn’t have short, boring dialogue as well when she’s conversing with Liam, or anyone else either.

We really hope that things pick up a little more in the next installment in this cop guns down vampire filled mini-series. The actions good, the dialogue’s interesting, and the characters stories are waiting to make this comic something special and unique. Sadly, if this comic doesn’t find some way to truly stand out amongst all the other vampire stories out there, this may be another story we say “pass” to at the comic book store.

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