Ken Nolan Developing The Activity Comic Film!!

According to Latino-Review, Writer Ken Nolan, Black Hawk Down, has been confirmed to be developing an adaption for Image Comics’ The Activity for the silver screen. The Activity, created by Nathan Edmondson, follows a secretive spec-ops team working for the United States that heads out to fix botched missions using high-tech weaponry and lethal force.

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SOURCE:  Latino-Review


Spawn Speedpainting By Mitch Grave

This stunningly amazing speed painting was created by DeviantArt user Mitch Grave. The portrait features the supernatural antihero Spawn looking to pass judgement on the scum of the earth and underworld with his fiery green eyes. The piece apparently only took the artist in one of his lunch breaks and for it looks fantastic!

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SPAWN Shall Be Resurrected!!

IGN recently released an article revealing 19 upcoming comics from one of the masters of storytelling, Image Comics. The news of these comics came from this year’s Image Expo in San Fransisco, revealing new comics from creators such as Brian K. Vaughan, Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire, and more. One of the most noticeable comics coming out in 2015 from Image is a renaissance of splendor, and an orgy of delight to comic book readers’ eyes, Spawn!!

Spawn Image Comics Cover - %22I'm Back%22


Writer Brian Wood will no longer be writing for the comic’s story, but will emerge from the creatively dark and blood soaked minds of Writer Paul Jenkins and Artist Jonboy Meyers. The comic will feature Al Simmons as the story’s main protagonist and will be a one-shot special. The book will be titled Spawn Resurrection #1 and then will continue on to issue #251. Spawn Resurrection will make it’s debut sometime this February.

Spawn Art by Alex Ross

You can see IGN’s article on Image’s 19 titles by following the link down below


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This Week in Comics – 11/19/2014

This week we have a few new releases we are very excited about shoving our heads into and exploring! Here are just a few of what we’re looking forward to picking up at the comic book store:


Singergy cover #1 ign

From the co-creator of the hit comic Powers, Michael Avon, and artist Taki Soma comes Sinergy! Sinergy is about a young, college girl named on an athletic scholarship has her first sexual experience – but it’s not long after that she realizes that she can see inter-dimensional monsters who secretly live among us and feed on peoples “Sinergy”, energies generated through sin. Jess’s life get’s all turned around when her father tries to get her to start killing these demons with him and she realizes that her boyfriend is actually one of the demons too! It’ll definitely be an exciting story we can’t wait to jump into!


spider woman cover #1 ign

Teamed up with one of Marvel’s newest characters, Silk, Spider-Woman tackles the ongoing challenges and dangers of the Spider-Verse series. There isn’t too much information at this time on the comic other than this is a spin-off series from the Spider-verse story right now but what is known is that it’s coming from the creative minds of Dennis Hopeless, Cable & X-Force, Avengers: Arena, and Greg Land, Uncanny X-Men, so it’s sure to be an action-packed story.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about these upcoming stories and what you’re excited about picking up to read this week in the comments below!