JRR Tolkien LOTR & The Hobbit Fan-Art Doodles

Behance user Robin Thompson has uploaded some cartoon-styled doodles of some our favorite characters from JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings books and movies. The doodles feature characters such as Frodo, Thorin, Tom Bobadil, Goldbery, and Thranduil.

Robin Thompson - Thorin - hobbit doodle

Bobadil & River daughter - robin thompson - hobbit doodle

frodo stabbed ragul - robin thompson - hobbit doodle

Thranduil - Robin Thompson - hobbit doodle

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Olga Tereshenko’s Lord Of The Rings Legolas Fan-Art

Artist Olga Tereshenko has created this beautiful piece of fan-art featuring the elf-archer Legolas from Author J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books.The illustration features Legolas, portrayed by Actor Orlando Bloom, Pirates of the Caribbean, preparing to release an arrow in to what we suspect is a dangerous, enemy orc.

olga-tereshenko-legolas - behanceLet us now what you think about Olga’s Legolas fan-art in the comments down below!!

Amazing Middle Earth Starbucks Coffee Cup Artwork

GeekTyrant has recently uploaded this awesome piece of coffee cup fan-art created by a Reddit user. The artist has drawn a detailed map of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth on a Starbucks coffee cup. We have to agree with GeekTyrant when it comes to the original authenticity of the coffee cup artwork because this just looks simply amazing and WAY too synonymous with Tolkien’s map.

Starbucks draws mordor lotr coffee cup


You can see more pictures of the coffee cup art by following the link down below

LINK:  http://geektyrant.com/news/starbucks-customer-draws-detailed-map-of-middle-earth-on-coffee-cup

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The Hobbit Erebor Mountain Gold Coffee T-Shirt Art

Warbucks Designs has uploaded this t-shirt art piece onto NeatoShop.com and it sounds quite delicious. Introducing Warbucks Designs’ “Erebor Mountain Gold Coffee” t-shirt. The shirt makes reference to the famous JRR Tolkien novel, The Hobbit, by featuring the gold-hording dragon, Smaug, with his own line of coffee!! A flavor of coffee beans roasted by hot dragon’s flame doesn’t sound that bad at all for a good morning pick-me-up. The shirt is currently available on NeatoShop.com for $19.95 but if you buy now you can get a limited-time discount and get the shirt for $15.95, so hurry now!!

erebor mountain gold dragon roasted coffee - warbucks design - hobbit - neatoshop

You can see more of Warbucks’s work by following the link down below

LINK:  http://www.neatoshop.com/artist/Warbucks-Design

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