Max Silveira’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Artwork

Here’s a bit of artwork featuring Marvel’s StarLord & Gamora from the hit comic book movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. The piece, called “Pelvic Sorcery”, was created by Artist Max Silveira and features StarLord and Gamora about to kiss while music is playing through StarLord’s headset. The song’s lyrics float above the two romancers as well as a quote from the movie, “We’re just like Kevin Bacon”.

Max Silvera - Pelvic Sorcery - Guardians of the Galaxy Peter Quill:StarLord Gamora - Artstation

You can see more of Max’s work by following the link down below


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Tim Doyle’s Amazing Mashup-Art!!!

Artist Tim Doyle has released this amazing mashup piece combining the incredibly dangerous and cool worlds of Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic Park, Terminator, and Star Wars!!! The piece shows Star Lord wielding the crossguard lightsaber while riding what looks like a velociraptor on top of a pile of fallen Terminator robots. The artist commented on his piece saying:

“Is this a dumb thing I drew…or the DUMBEST THING I’ve EVER DRAWN.” 



You can see more of Tim’s by visiting his Twitter, @NakatomiTim, or by visiting

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