Batman’s Mr. Freeze Valentines Day T-Shirt Art

Valentine’s Day isn’t too far away and people are already scrambling around trying to figure out what they’re going to get or do for their loved ones. Well here at CoffeeandGeeks we’ve always got your back ;). Here is a t-shirt from called “You Melt My Heart”, created by Artist Immerch, which shows an in-love Mr. Freeze from DC Comics’s Batman series. The t-shirt is currently on sale on for $25.99.

You Melt My Heart: Batman Mr. Freeze: Skreened: Immerch


Here is a message from the artist on the Mr. Freeze t-shirt art:

“‘You Melt My Heart.’ Mr. Freeze has a sincere Valentine’s Day message for you. His iconic glasses have been turned to hearts—all thanks to your charm. Don’t let his feelings go unreturned. Take home his declaration of melt today.”

You can see more of Immerch’s work by following the link down below


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Beautiful Mr. Freeze Art – “Heart of Ice” by Marko Manev

This beautiful piece depicting one of Batman’s most popular and tragic villains, Mr. Freeze, was created by Artist Marko Manev and is called ” Heart of Ice”. The piece is part of Teefury and Bottleneck Gallery’s holiday t-shirt and print releases.



You can see the piece for sale on Teefury by following the link below


You can also see more of Marko’s work by following the link below:

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New DC Collector’s Designer Series Action Figures

On the 10th of December, DC will be releasing new Greg Capullo series action figures featuring Red Hood, Catwoman, Mr.Freeze, & Thrasher Suit Batman.





This is the second wave of Capullo action figures. You can see the first and second wave of action figures by following the link below:


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