Olga Tereshenko’s Lord Of The Rings Legolas Fan-Art

Artist Olga Tereshenko has created this beautiful piece of fan-art featuring the elf-archer Legolas from Author J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books.The illustration features Legolas, portrayed by Actor Orlando Bloom, Pirates of the Caribbean, preparing to release an arrow in to what we suspect is a dangerous, enemy orc.

olga-tereshenko-legolas - behanceLet us now what you think about Olga’s Legolas fan-art in the comments down below!!


Poison Ivy Fan-Art By Fredlan Paris

DeviantArt user FredlanParis has created this amazingly colorful painting of DC’s favorite tree-hugger, Poison Ivy. The piece shows Ivy turned away in a bed of colored leaves while looking back at the viewer. This sensual portrait of the villainess mixes a variety of colors that bring the character to life. One of our favorite details about the character in this piece is the lace that binds her outfit is actually a green vine or root that curls up her back.

Poison Ivy - DC Comics - FredlanParis

You can see more of Fredlan’s work by following the link down below

LINK:  http://fredianparis.deviantart.com/

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