Brian Michael Bendis On Marvel’s Secret Wars

In a recent interview on the Late Night Show with Seth Meyers, comic book legend Brian Michael Bendis spoke about Marvel’s upcoming comic book event, Secret Wars, which will apparently smash both the Earth 616 universe and the Ultimate Marvel universe together into one! Mendis also went on to talk about one of his most recent and most popular characters he’s created, Miles Morales, the Ultimate Marvel Universe’s Spider-Man. Enjoy the video!!

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Super Powered Sci-Fi Short Film – Singular

This short film is about a world where everyone has superpowers except for one bullied, young kid named Andy. Directed by Carlos Orcozo, this short-film is both entertaining an touching, as some of the readers/viewers who see this page can relate to being in Andy’s place.


Below is a synopsis of the featured short-film:

“In an America where everyone has superpowers, Andy, the only kid who doesn’t have one, struggles to escape a group of bullies led by Sofia, who just wants to make Andy’s life more miserable than it already is. But what begins as an ordinary ‘everyday’ beating ends up spiraling out of control, putting our hero in a life-or-death situation where courage, leadership and sacrifice will guide Andy — and Sofia — to discover the true meaning of ‘being special.'”

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