Brian Michael Bendis On Marvel’s Secret Wars

In a recent interview on the Late Night Show with Seth Meyers, comic book legend Brian Michael Bendis spoke about Marvel’s upcoming comic book event, Secret Wars, which will apparently smash both the Earth 616 universe and the Ultimate Marvel universe together into one! Mendis also went on to talk about one of his most recent and most popular characters he’s created, Miles Morales, the Ultimate Marvel Universe’s Spider-Man. Enjoy the video!!

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Marvel To End Avengers & New Avengers Comics In April

Marvel has officially announced that their Avengers and New Avengers comic books, both written by Jonathan Hickman, will come to an end in April. Avengers will end at #44 and New Avengers at #33. The comics have both been working towards a big 12-part event, Secret Wars, through their current “Time Runs Out” storyline.


Time Runs Out follows the Avengers teams eight months into the future where the Illuminati were being chased down by a SHIELD sponsored team of Avengers. There’s also the earth-dooming incursions occurring as well which will ultimately bring about the Secret Wars storyline. Marvel will be making a big announcement next Tuesday, January 20th, concerning the upcoming Secret Wars storyline.

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