Captain America & StarLord’s Charity Super Bowl Bet

According to IGN, Chris Evans, Marvel’s Captain America, and Chris Pratt, Marvel’s Star Lord, have begun a little wager via Twitter involving children’s hospital visits. Chris Evans began to taunt Pratt about the New England Patriots defeating the Seattle Seahawks. Then the challenge began. Pratt challenged Evans to visit Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed as the patriotic Avenger, Captain America, if the Seattle Seahawks win.



Evans accepted the challenge and counterchallenged Pratt to where if the Seahawks lose, Pratt will dress as Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Star Lord and visit the children at the pediatric cancer nonprofit Christopher’s Haven.

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Max Silveira’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Artwork

Here’s a bit of artwork featuring Marvel’s StarLord & Gamora from the hit comic book movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. The piece, called “Pelvic Sorcery”, was created by Artist Max Silveira and features StarLord and Gamora about to kiss while music is playing through StarLord’s headset. The song’s lyrics float above the two romancers as well as a quote from the movie, “We’re just like Kevin Bacon”.

Max Silvera - Pelvic Sorcery - Guardians of the Galaxy Peter Quill:StarLord Gamora - Artstation

You can see more of Max’s work by following the link down below


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Guardians of the Galaxy StarLord Hoodie!!!

We found this hoodie on one of our favorite geek-fandom stores,, and what a find indeed. This hoodie is of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy leader, Peter Quill, aka StarLord! This hoodie runs for $79.99 and is currently in stock for now so hurry to get one today!

starlord guardians of the galaxy hoodie 1

The hoodie is 100% cotton brushed back fleece, 96% nylon, and 4% spandex mask. There is also a printed messenger bag on the back of the hoodie with braided poly propelino belts and metal sliders like StarLord has in the movies! You can find the hoodie at, or just follow the link below:

starlord guardians of the galaxy hoodie 2

ThinGeek also has a Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Hoodie for $79.99 too! You can find it on their website, or just follow the link below:

rocket raccoon guardians of the galaxy hoodie 1

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Chris Patt Willing to Appear on Marvel: Agents of SHIELD

Chris Patt, aka StarLord, said he would be willing to appear on ABC’s Marvel: Agents of SHIELD. It’s unlikely at this time, seeing as Patt is currently filming the final season of NBC’s Parks and Recreation, and that his character is currently somewhere deep in the outskirts of the galaxy pulling some crazy shenanigans with the rest of his team.



While attending an event, Zap2it asked Patt if he would be appearing in the second season of Marvel: Agents of SHIELD. Patt commented saying:

“I wouldn’t rule it out. Marvel would have to decide, but if it made sense for the brand and for the story, yeah sure.”

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LEGO Batman is Jelly video by HISHE

Batman’s jealous of Emmet after taking his girl, Wildstyle. What Batman doesn’t know is that Emmet isn’t the same old Emmet anymore. This hilarious video was created by HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) and Brotherhood Workshop. Subscribe to HISHE and Brotherhood Workshop on Youtube for more great, hilarious videos.

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