Marvel Spider-Man Comic Cover Art – “Thwip!”

DeviantArt user dnz85 has created this awesome looking piece of comic book cover art featuring our favorite wall-crawler, The Amazing Spider-Man!! The piece is called “Thwip!” and features the superhero swinging from web to web through some of New York’s back alleys. The artist has created numerous pieces of awesome comic book fan-art that you can check out right here.

Thwip! Spider-Man - DeviantArt dnz85Let us know what you think about dnz85’s Spider-Man fan-art in the comments down below!!


Spider-Man Fan-Art – “Spider Baby!” By Bruno Faiotto

Artist Bruno Faiotto has created a cute piece of Marvel fan-art, depicting The Amazing Spider-Man as a toddler. This heart-warming piece is called “Spider Baby!” and shows Spider-Man as a lovable, little baby hugging a toy spider.

Spider Baby! - Bruno Faiotto - Behance - Spider Man

You can see more of Bruno’s work by following the link down below


Let us know what you think about Bruno’s “Spider Baby!” piece in the comments down below!!

COFFEE POST – 11/25/2014

It’s been a while since I’ve actually gotten to relax at home, but with school letting students out for an entire week to enjoy Thanksgiving, I aim to take advantage of what time’s been given to me.

My plans for the beginning of the week were to check out this mysterious, vintange, antique store that carried a lot of old records and books in it. Rumor had it that they were selling old comics for about $1 each. To find such a deal in a town that was all football and hunting was truly like finding a needle in a haystack.

I had heard that the store was across from the town’s main cafe called The Spot. The Spot hasn’t been open for very long but it’s become a known hang out spot and popular hit for a lot of the younger, hip crowd. It also sells local artist’s work, hanging on their walls. A friend from high school who had become an artist had a few pieces there for sale but they were sadly the same pieces that were there the last time I visited.




There was one piece though that caught my eye as soon as I saw it. An artist, a very talented one at that, had made a small Batman piece from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises. It also happened to be the cheapest piece in the story which, for a broke college kid who happens to love almost all things comics, is a huge plus.


I approached the mysterious, vintage, antique store and was was greeted by a portait of Batman and The Joker that read “COMICS”, and a small, fold-out table that had a large-box filled with comics inside, all for $1. Call me Ishmael, because I had just found my Moby Dick.

IMG_2836 (1)

I entered the store, which I learned later was called ‘The Relic’, and there were literally tons of old records, all hanging right beside an old-timey record player, the kind you have to wind up to get it to start playing music. I asked the store owner if he had any more comics and before I even had finished my sentence, he answered, “In the back,” and pointed towards an open doorway. I passed through the doorway to find at least five to six different stacks of various comics. Some of them could be dated all the way back to the 50s and 60s all the way up to probably 2009 or 2010.




I must have walked away with a stack, equal in size to the other stacks the owner had manifested, and walked away only paying a total of about $30. I was honestly flabbergasted by what I had paid for and how much I had paid. There will probably not be a day where I get this lucky finding such an amazing collection of comics. I asked the owner if he’ll be getting more comics in soon and he answered, “Oh yeah, we’ll probably get a couple more stacks in this week. You should stop in again sometime,” and indeed I had already planned to.

I took my big bag of comics and stepped into The Spot across the street, ordered up a double-shot of espresso, sat down and enjoyed some old comics at my table. Some of the hipsters and other bloggers there looked up and away from their delicious coffee, smartphones, and computer screens to see something they had probably never seen before, a young man reading old stories from the past that wasn’t illuminated on a screen. I barely noticed, I was too far lost into the stories these old comics had given me.


Written by Ethan Wilks

-This is our third COFFEE post but to me it’s more like the second one seeing as I get to sit down and enjoy telling you all a story of coffee and comics, the perfect mixture in my opinion. I hope you enjoyed the read.

Whether your coffee lovers, or comic lovers, or just normal people or all of the above, who knows, I hope you all have a get to spend time with your family &/or friends this Thursday and have a spectacular Thanksgiving.