Marvel Adds Carrie-Anne Moss To Jessica Jones Netflix Series

According to, Actress Carrie-Anne Moss, The Matrix, Disturbia, will be joining Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series, A.K.A. Jessica Jones. Marvel is currently keeping Carrie’s role in the series under wraps, simply describing her as a “no non-sense woman.” The series is set to release sometime later in 2015.

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Star Wars Fan-Art “The Droid Trinity” By Steve Berrington

Artist Steve Berrington has turned Star Wars’s iconic droid, R2-D2, into a superhero in “The Droid Trinity”. The piece shows 3 R2-D2s lined side by side and in different DC Comics outfits. One’s dressed as Batman, the others Superman & Wonder Woman. The piece also features a redesigned Batman VS Superman insignia at the top, mixing in a little bit of Wonder Woman’s logo as well.

Steve Berrington - DC Comics - Star Wars - Batman - Superman - Wonder Woman - Batman VS Superman - Behance - Art

You can see more of Steve’s work by following the link down below


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