Man Alters Face To Look Like Marvel’s Red Skull

According to IGN, a Venezuelan man named Henry Damon, who claims to be a Captain America fan, has taken several surgical procedures in order to resemble Captain America villain, Red Skull. Here’s a video from PatrynWorldLatestNew on Damon’s transformation. Enjoy the video!!

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Star Wars “Darth Monroe” Art By MartaNael

DeviantArt user MartaNael mixes up science-fiction and pop-culture in this colorfully, interesting piece of art called “Darth Monroe”. The piece was made as a poster design for a Cinema Festival in Valencia, Spain. The festival was focused on the strength of women and the equality between men and women in today’s world.

Darth Monroe - Darth Vader Star Wars - Marilyn Monroe - Martaneal - DeviantArt

You can see more MartaNael’s work by following the link down below


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