Man Alters Face To Look Like Marvel’s Red Skull

According to IGN, a Venezuelan man named Henry Damon, who claims to be a Captain America fan, has taken several surgical procedures in order to resemble Captain America villain, Red Skull. Here’s a video from PatrynWorldLatestNew on Damon’s transformation. Enjoy the video!!

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Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil Series Teaser Trailer

Thanks to ComicBookResources we have the teaser trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Daredevil Netflix series!! All of the episodes of the series will be available to watch on April 10th. Enjoy the video!!

Meet Matt Murdock. Blinded as a boy but imbued with extraordinary senses, Matt fights injustice by day as a respected lawyer and by night as the masked vigilante Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. He’ll do anything to make his city a better place, but at what price?

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Microsoft’s Hologram Technology – “Hololens”

Microsoft has announced their exciting, new hologram technology. The project is called “Hololens”, which appears to be a headset which allows the user to see digital holograms that correspond with the user’s environment. Microsoft has uploaded this promotional videos for the project we’ve attached down below. Enjoy the videos!!

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HISHE’s Hilarious Gremlins/Taken Mashup Video

The YouTubers at How It Should Have Ended, HISHE, have released this hilarious, animated video mashing up the adorable little creature, Gizmo, from the movie Gremlins with the action-packed thriller Taken. Enjoy the video!!

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Star Wars & Arrow Mashup Video!!

YouTuber Dave Jones has created a series of videos mashing up the famous sci-fi movie franchise, Star Wars, and DC’s hit television series, Arrow. The videos show different fight scenes in the Arrow series, replacing their weapons with lightsabers. The latest video Jones has released is called “Arrow Jedi: Episode CCCIXX” and it is definitely a must-watch. There are more awesome Arrow Jedi videos you can watch on Jones’s YouTube channel. Enjoy the video!!

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Marc Ihlow’s Batman – Legends Of The Dark Knight #1 Motion Comic

Here is a motion comic video created by Behance user Marc Ihlow. The comic is of DC’s Batman Legends of the Dark Knight and it is such a great video to watch!! Marc added a short description of the video saying:

Batman has to learn that even “The Dark Knight” has a vulnerability.

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